Harry and the Dark Horse

English ressource

Author: Janine Tougas

Illustrator: Alexis Flower
Collection: Voyage
Genre: Youth novel - ages 12 to 17
Pages: 224
Publication date: 2015
* To support entrepreneurship and financial literacy

At 15, Henri sees himself as an entrepreneur. Overflowing with energy, ideas and resourcefulness, he puts his talent to use for the benefit of his school and the Metis Arts Club in Ste. Rita. The only thing that bothers him is the mystery of the identity of his father whom he has never known.

In launching his first online business, the young man benefits from his Metis community’s resources while discovering its sensitive areas. When Henri goes from hero to zero in his professional and personal life, who will come to his rescue?  

This novel tracks the ups and downs of a youth who goes into business. Henri et le cheval noir deals with important questions such as the concept of self, leadership and integrity. It’s a novel rich in intrigue and action linked to the quest for personal, familial and collective identity. Follow the adventures of Henri on his journey from the West to the East of Canada.

The novel’s 15 illustrations take into account readers whose motivation and understanding are right-brained triggered, reluctant readers and readers learning the language.

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