Our Team

We are so fortunate!

Quelle équipe du tonnerre!

Carole Freynet-Gagné

CEO and Drector of Development

An educator and multidisciplinary leader of French language and culture in Canada and abroad, Carole Freynet-Gagné has a well-deserved reputation for her enthusiasm, creativity and experience in strategic and operational consulting. A veteran editor and manager, she is often sought after for her expertise as a consultant in literacy, economic education and identity-based pedagogy.




Natalie Labossière

Director of Education

Natalie Labossière has gained recognition in the teaching community across Canada as a dynamic and committed educator. An experienced trainer and artist, Natalie leverages her creativity and resourcefulness to develop innovative and customized products.




Jean-Paul Gagné

Director of Operations and Revisor

Jean-Paul Gagné brings his extensive experience in organizational management to the company. His gift for finding just the right word coupled with his love of everything related to the French language help him craft texts that promote smooth communication and effective message transmission.




Janine Tougas

Content Developer and Author

Janine Tougas is a natural storyteller. Her most famous characters, Paul and Suzanne, are known throughout Canada and the Americas in the field of language teaching. Janine brings to the team an extraordinary array of creative skills acquired through a career built on a blend of storytelling, games and humour.



Norman Dupas

Sales and Marketing

Norman Charles Dupas is a seasoned business professional with 30 years of diversified leadership experience as a business owner, marketing/business consultant. As Director of Marketing Norman’s role is to ensure all marketing initiatives are focused on the companies core products and services.



Brigitte Gobeil

Graphic Artist and Illustrator

Brigitte Gobeil Rosenlund is an outstanding graphic designer and illustrator who knows how to bring the creative team's wildest ideas to life. Brigitte's designs are sleek and clean, yet colourful and vibrant.